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Stock Market Quotes
A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

What is Sales & Trading?

Sales and trading constitute essential functions within financial markets. Sales professionals are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, understanding their investment needs, and proposing suitable financial products such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other securities. On the other hand, trading involves executing actual transactions by buying or selling these financial instruments, often in fast-paced and competitive environments. Traders aim to capitalize on market fluctuations, leveraging their expertise in analyzing market trends, macroeconomic factors, and relevant news to make informed decisions. There are also quantitative analysts whichapply advanced mathematical and statistical models to assess risks, develop trading strategies, create complex financial products and Structuring experts design innovative financial solutions tailored to clients' specific needs

Desk in Sales & Trading

RCTG Internal Resources

RCTG aims to help students achieve mastery of the concepts required in order to successfully land internships in the capital markets and further develop their skills in finance.

  • Weekly Workshops on Various Topics

  • Technical Skills Development and Certifications

    • Bloomberg Education​

    • Python/Excel VBA/PowerPoint Training

  • Career Development

    • Resume & Cover Letter​

    • Networking Etiquette & LinkedIn

    • Fireside Chat with Industry Professionals, Recruiters, Full-time Alumni and Summer Analysts

  • Interview Preparation through External Resources and Mock Interviews

  • 1 to 1 Mentorship with a Designated Upper Year Student

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