We help students develop a solid foundation for understanding the global markets through rigorous training 

In early 2019, a group of motivated students who thought that there was a lack of exposure to trading in their education decided to launch the Rotman Commerce Trading Group. We believe that there is a gap between what formal education provides and the skills applied in the real world. With that in mind, we wish to help bridge that gap by helping students develop an enhanced understanding of trading and its role in the global markets thorough rigorous training from the various programs we offer. Our mission is provide students with interest in pursuing a career in sales and trading to succeed in the industry by developing a keen eye for analyzing and interpreting market data to make insightful decisions regarding securities and other investment products.

The Programs Offered:

Canadian Securities Course Preparation
Charted Financial Analyst Foundations Certificate
Bloomberg Education Program

Our programs are designed to help students acheive mastery of the concepts required in order to succesfully obtain the certifications. Besides workshops, our programs also include rational programs for different industry groups such as: Fixed Income, Institutional Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Currencies and networking events with financial institutions because we want to help students further develop the skills they will gain by participating in our programs.


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